Plans for the War of Assassins

From the journal of Baron Harald Karana

“… I would propose war with House Zodagon under the following terms:

  1. Any member of Zodagon may surrender and take exile or a place in House Jormungandr. Neither those that join our House, nor their existing children will be eligible for succession, but their descendants will be.
  2. Amaki is not to be harmed unless he attacks us directly.
  3. Any Tatbiq troops or officers who defect will be paid. Officers who bring troops or valuable information will be given small landholdings. Enlisted will be given cash bonuses. Individuals currently inside the palace will be paid most of all.

I recommend that Devanagari move a clandestine squad to the Zodagon war room and maybe have more waiting nearby. Once the declaration is made, then they can attack, hopefully catching the enemy brass unawares. Warmaster Askar will be there, and can be killed or converted as necessary.

Meanwhile, Rundis and her guards can kidnap Viscount Erkin to ‘keep him safe’ as our hostage. If Iskah is on board, she can assist. If not, then she will need to be sidelined or killed…"



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