Session 2

In which events outrun their participants

So what happened?

  • Baron Harald Karana discovered Prefect Cade is the Imperium’s representative to help you, in addition to his role rooting out technology.
  • Rundis used her Psychology skill to learn more about Katya’s Instincts, using this knowledge to persuade her to come clean. Katya revealed that there was indeed highly advanced technology at the excavation site.
  • Devanagari learned House Zodagon’s transmission frequencies during a visit to the War Room with Warmaster Askar.
  • Harald Karana failed to convince Baron Amaki to change sides in a Duel of Wits that ran to a tie.
  • Rundis survived a Guild assassination attempt aimed at Planetologist Katya. Riots ensued in the capital; Devanagari rushed to her aid, per his Instinct. Ambassador Prolax of the Guild claimed it was the action of a “rogue agent.”
  • Harald Karana used his Circles to “discover” Lord Ovqat the Suk Doctor has an apprentice who is a deep-cover mole, Lord Narimon. According to Narimon, Viscount Erkin I died 4 years ago, and Ovqat was unable to determine the cause of death. Publicly he claimed natural causes.
  • Harald Karana did not charge House Zodagon with treason at an opportune moment, instead throwing Katya under the bus in front of Prefect Cade and Baron Amaki.
  • Baron Harald Karana launched the invasion, without declaring a War of Assassins!

What the players have said they’re doing and vital things to do:

  • Rundis (and possibly Devanagari) are going to try to convince Lady Iskah to … something. Flee the Imperium, become wards of House Jormugandr, have Erkin abdicate in favor of Harald. It wasn’t clear to me what the plan was.
  • Get to the communications room and formally declare the War of Assassins in front of the Landsraad High Council. Without the declaration, the invasion is illegal and House Jormugandr could face consequences, up to and including summary destruction.



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