Where Things Stand at the Beginning

The nominal leader of the possibly-treasonous House Zodagon is Viscount Erkin, a 14-year-old boy. His uncle Baron Amaki, the House Mentat, and his mother, Iskah, are co-regents. As always, there’s the question of the regents’ intentions. In this case, you’ve reports that say they are at loggerheads. Your agents have determined that House Ix (those who come closest to flouting the technology ban) and the Spacing Guild (who monopolize space travel) are peeved with House Zodagon, but not why. House Zodagon, meanwhile, have claimed they are very much looking forward to the opportunity to discuss matters of state with your House. In fact, they want an alliance. They side with the noble parliament against the Emperor, while your House currently seems to lean towards supporting the Emperor.

Your liege, House Moritani, follows a middle course. They’re mostly glad to have you offworld for now, but they wouldn’t want the Imperial House Corrino to get much benefit from anything that happens on YerShari. Maintaining the balance of power is paramount in their eyes.

The Imperium has promised support to you, but they’ve been very vague about how. You know from contacts with the Imperial Court that they believe the Imperial Planetologist (chief scientist studying the planet) is falsifying her reports. You’ve heard also that Lady Iskah is actually making sure the preparations are in place for the House to go renegade (escape the Imperium via the Spacing Guild). So they clearly know something is up, but you’ll have to get on the ground discover more than that.



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