Swordmaster-Assassin of House Jormugandr, currently masquerading as Captain of the Guard


Born Noble → Page → Squire → Man-at-Arms → Elite Guard → Stormtrooper → Assassin → Swordmaster


  1. I will convince Warmaster Askar to join us; I don’t want to kill him.
  2. I will secure the war room single-handedly to win glory and renown and coordinate the invasion from there.
  3. Harald is a fool for trying to keep Amaki alive; I will take out the entire House Zodagon high command personally – including Amaki.

For later: protecting Katya from Harald throwing her under the bus by blaming her for any technology in front of Prefect Cade. And developing social graces.


  1. Overreact to perceive threats.
  2. Protect Rundis Sadhana at the first sign of combat.
  3. When investigating, push the button first and ask what it does later.


YerShari Moridin79