Baron Harald Karana

Head of House Jormugandr, Thane's Character


Born Noble → Analyst Candidate → Analyst → Propaganda Officer → Warmaster → Strategist → Thinker → Ur-Baron


  1. I will uncover the technology that Amaki is hiding before it is revealed to the Emperor’s agents.
  2. I will assuage my conscience by avoiding killing Amaki.
  3. I will save House Jormungandr from destruction by the Imperium by properly following the laws of war.


  1. Always check food and drink for poison.
  2. Always activate my shield at the first sign of trouble.
  3. Always seek to uncover my enemy’s secrets.

An honorary court librarian, Harald was unexpectedly elevated to the throne after the deaths of the Baron and all his immediate heirs.

Baron Harald Karana

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